Monday, August 3, 2009

How To Make Money With Your Own Search Engine

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

How To Turn A Macbook Into A Mobile Wifi Hotspot With An iPhone

This Will Teach You How To Turn Your Macbook Into A Mobile Wifi Hotspot Using Only A Macbook, iPhone And A iPhone Sync Cable.

First, Update Your iPhone To 3.0 Update. You Can Do This In iTunes. Now, On Your iPhone Launch The Safari Browser. Go To Select Mobileconfigs. Choose Your Country And Then Select Your Carrier. For Example, Regular United States Customers Would Choose USA and AT&T. Then Your iPhone Will Display A Screen Asking You If You Want To Install This Mobileconfig. Select Yes. Go Into Settings And Select General. Select Network And Select Internet Tethering. Slide It To On To Enable And You Now Have Tethering Enabled.

Connect Your iPhone To Your Macbook And It Should Say New Network Device Detected. It Should Be Named Something Like Ethernet Adaptor. Now When You Are Not In A Wifi Hotspot, You Can Get Internet Wherever There Is Cell Phone Service. On Your Macbook, Go To The Apple In The Left Corner And Click On It. Select System Preferences And Under Internet And Network Select Sharing. On The Left Side There Will Be A Series Of Boxes. Select The One That Says Internet Sharing.

Under Computer Name, Put Something Of Your Choosing. Now, Find Where It Says Share Connection From And Select Your iPhone Connection That Should Be Named Ethernet Adaptor Something. Now Go To Where It Says To Computers Using, And Select Airport. Now Check The Box On The Right Where It Says Internet Sharing And A Notice Will Appear Asking To Make Sure If It Is What You Want. Select Start And Now You Have A Wifi Hotspot Running Off A Macbook Being Connected By Tethering.

On Any Other Wifi Devices, Search For Whatever You Named The Network And It Will Connect. You Can Do This Anywhere Where There Is Cell Phone Coverage And How Ever Long Your Macbook Battery Lasts. Enjoy Your Mobile Wifi Router.